Fireproof Lightweight Fire Brick , Nontoxic Vermiculite Brick Effect Fire Board

Fireproof Lightweight Fire Brick , Nontoxic Vermiculite Brick Effect Fire Board
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Shape: Customizable
Flexural Strength: High
Abrasion Resistance: High
Color: Yellow
Size: Customizable
Thermal Expansion: Low
Chemical Resistance: High
Compressive Strength: High
High Light:

Fireproof Lightweight Fire Brick


Vermiculite Lightweight Fire Brick


Nontoxic Vermiculite Brick Effect Fire Board

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Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Bluewind
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Product Description

Low Porosity Customizable Lightweight Refractory Bricks

Product Description:

Lightweight refractory bricks are high temperature bricks that are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. These bricks have a very low thermal expansion, high abrasion resistance, and are lightweight and low in porosity. They are often used in heat insulating materials and refractory applications due to their high flexural strength and excellent thermal shock resistance. These bricks are also designed to provide excellent insulation properties, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Lightweight refractory bricks provide superior performance and durability in extreme temperatures, making them the ideal choice for high temperature applications.



  • Lightweight Refractory Bricks: A type of heat insulating materials and lightweight insulating bricks.
  • Shape: Customizable.
  • Size: Customizable.
  • Porosity: Low.
  • Color: Yellow.
  • Refractoriness: High.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Shape Customizable
Porosity Low
Thermal Shock Resistance High
Color Yellow
Abrasion Resistance High
Density 400-1200 Kg/m³
Thermal Expansion Low
Refractoriness High
Compressive Strength High
Size Customizable


Introducing Bluewind Lightweight Refractory Bricks

Lightweight refractory bricks manufactured by Bluewind are the ideal choice for a range of high temperature applications. With a place of origin in Shenzhen, China, these bricks boast a high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and refractoriness, as well as a low thermal expansion and a high service temperature. Therefore, Bluewind lightweight refractory bricks are an excellent choice for applications which require heat resistant and fire resistant materials.

Furthermore, the low thermal expansion allows users to take advantage of the high service temperature without having to worry about potential damage caused by thermal shock. Bluewind lightweight refractory bricks are also lightweight and easy to install, making them an ideal choice for insulating applications. Whether you need a fire resistant material for a furnace lining or a heat resistant material for a kiln, Bluewind lightweight refractory bricks are an ideal choice.



Bluewind Lightweight Refractory Bricks

Our Bluewind Lightweight Refractory Bricks are made for heat insulating materials and have the following features:

  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
  • Shape: Customizable
  • Density: 400-1200 Kg/m³
  • Abrasion Resistance: High
  • Thermal Conductivity: Low
  • Thermal Shock Resistance: High

These Lightweight Refractory Bricks are ideal for any application requiring high abrasion resistance and low thermal conductivity, making it perfect for heat insulation.


Support and Services:


Lightweight Refractory Bricks Technical Support and Service

We offer a comprehensive range of technical support and services for Lightweight Refractory Bricks. Our highly-trained and experienced team of professionals are here to help with any questions or issues you may have. Our services include:

  • Technical advice and consultation
  • Installation and maintenance instructions
  • Ongoing product support
  • Replacement parts and components
  • Onsite training
  • Troubleshooting assistance

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and technical support for Lightweight Refractory Bricks. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Packing and Shipping:


Lightweight Refractory Bricks packaging and shipping:

The lightweight refractory bricks are packaged in cardboard cartons and shipped in wooden crates. Each cardboard carton contains one lightweight refractory brick, and each wooden crate contains up to 50 cartons. All products are securely packed and shipped to ensure safe and timely delivery.




Q: What is a Lightweight Refractory Bricks?
A: Lightweight refractory bricks are a kind of refractory material with low bulk density, good thermal shock resistance and good processing performance.
Q: What is the brand name of the Lightweight Refractory Bricks?
A: The brand name is Bluewind.
Q: Where are the Lightweight Refractory Bricks produced?
A: The Lightweight Refractory Bricks are produced in Shenzhen, China.
Q: What is the main application of Lightweight Refractory Bricks?
A: The Lightweight Refractory Bricks are mainly used for high temperature furnace lining, coke oven, electric furnace, glass furnace and other thermal equipment.
Q: Does the Lightweight Refractory Bricks have any special features?
A: Yes, the Lightweight Refractory Bricks have good thermal shock resistance, light weight, high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity, and long service life.


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